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Railway Timetable New Changes, Updates July 2013 – …

WITH new lime table coming into effect from July I there is hardly any change in waiting status for Nagpur travellers as the new services that were announced in Railway Budget are nowhere in sight. As per communication from Nagpur Division of Central Railway, the date of commencement of new services would be notified later.The notable changes includes change in timing of 12290 Nagpur-Mumbai CSTM Duronto Express that would now leave at 20.40 hrs instead 20.50 hrs. 12289 Mumbai CSTM-Nagpur Duronto will reach Nagpur now at 07.20 hrs instead of 07.15 hrs. 12194 Nagpur-lndore Express at 19.15 hrs (earlier 19.00). 12924 Nagpur-lndore at 19.15 hrs.The date of commence of new passenger train announced in Railway Budget. 51151 New Amravati-Narkhed Passenger train (Daily) would start from New Amravati-04.00 hrs. and reach Narkhed ai 08.30 his. Train No. 51152 Narkhcd-New Amravaii would start from Narkhed at 18.00 hrs and reach New Amravari-22.15 hrs.The long distance trains that would commence later are 11201 LTT- Ajni(Tue) 14.15 hrs. 11202 Ajni LTT (Fri) 16.15. 11203 Nagpur-Ajmer (Thu) 19.00. 11204 Ajmer-Nagpur(SaOI9.15.22631 Chennai-Bikaner((Mon)-14.45/14.55.22632 Bikaner-Chennai(Mon) 16.50/16.50. 12193 Yeshvantpur-Jahalpur(Mon) 13.45/13.55,12194 Jabalpur-Yeshvampur(Sat) 15.30/15.40. 18421 Puri-Ajmer (Tue. Fri) 17.50/18.10. 18422 Ajmer-Puri (Wed. Sal) 22.00/22.10. 22351 Patliputra-Yesvantpur (Sal) 18.20/1845, 22352 Yesvampur-Pailipuira(Tue) 10.20/10.30.18407 Puri-SainagarShirdi(Tue)
Yesvanlpur (Sun) 15.30/15.40. 18243 Bilaspur-Bhagat Ki Koti–Jodhpur ((Tue. Wed) 01.10/01.40.18244 Bhagai Ki Koli—Jodhpur (Mon. Wed) 04.40/05.10. 18245 Bilaspur-Bikaner (Fri, Sun)-01.10/01.40. 18246 Bikaner-Bilaspur (Mon. Wed)-04.40/0.510. more details available at www.resultshub.netSimilarly the increase in frequency Of these trains too would be notified later (the days in bold indicate new days of service after notification). They are 11453 Ahmedabad-Nagpur (Sun. Thu. Tue) 12.15. 11454 Nagpur-Ahmedabad (Sat. Wed. Sun) 09.35. 12I59/12I60 Jablpur-Amravati-Jabalpur would to run daily-06.25/06.30 & 03.40/03.50. 22687/22688 Dchradun-ChaiKligarh-Madurai (Mon. Fri).