About PNR Status

PNR stands for Passenger Name record. It is a code which is consist of 10 digits and written on the top left corner of every ticket. You can use this code to know your status with the help of machine installed at Railway stations or you can also use this code to get updates about your ticket from your home using the internet. It is a status of booking for single individual or group of individuals. By putting this code on our website, you can also check PNR Status that whether your ticket is confirmed, not confirmed or waitlisted. PNR also tells you about travel record of any individual person or group of persons which is maintained in Central Reservations System. This 10 digit code is generated automatically when CRS (Central Reservation System) gets full information about the journey like passenger name, passenger age, Gender and train number etc. The main benefit of this process is that passengers can get updates about their journey very easily.

Uses of PNR Code
This code is most useful for those passengers whose tickets are not confirmed. By using this code these passengers can easily check that whether their ticket is confirmed or not or in waiting list using the internet.
When Passengers Need To Know Their PNR Status
There are the certain fixed amount of seats in every train and when all the available seats on the train are sold on passengers then waiting list tickets are released. When passengers buy these waiting list tickets, mostly it happens that some of the tickets are cancelled by passengers. And when some tickets are cancelled by passenger the waiting list ticket passenger are awarded tickets to travel from one place to another.

How to check PNR Status
There are three best and easy ways to check your status without investing money at home.

1. Check Using The Internet
This is the first one and also the easiest one. You can find your PNR Status using this method very easily. Just you need to visit this website http://pnrstatuslive.com/ After that put your 10 digit PNR Number and then click on “Submit” button. Wait a bit and a result box appears which shows your status.

2. Check using SMS Service
If you want to check your PNR Status using SMS service then you have to send your 10 Digit code to 139. This is premium service and Rs.3 per SMS is charged.

3. Check using Smart Phone Browser
This is another way to find your status also it is so easy to use just your mobile is connected to the internet. Open your mobile browser and visit the following website http://pnrstatuslive.com/. Enter your 10 digit PNR Number and click on “Submit” button. Results will show automatically.

4. Check Using Machines Installed on Railway Stations
This is another way which to use for checking of PNR Status. This is for those people who do not have internet or smartphone. To facilitate the passengers, there are machines installed on railway stations which can be used by anyone to find his status.