Seat Availablity SMS

Indian Railways has started Seat Availablity SMS service so that even passengers who do not have internet connections or have poor internet connectivity can also get information about Seat Availablity. Passengers just need to send SMS to 139 number with relevant text message and they will get a return SMS with appropriate details.

SMS Number139
Text MessageSEAT Train-Number Date-of-Journey Station-From-STD-Code Station-To-STD-Code Class Quota
ExampleSEAT 12001 31122015 0562 011 CC G
ExplanationSend SMS to number 139 with text as SEAT 00000 111111 2222 3333 44 5 where

00000 will be replaced by actual Train No
111111 will be replaced by Travel Date in format DDMMYY (Date Month Year all in two Digits each)
2222 will be replaced by the std code of From Station
3333 will be replaced by the std code of To Station
44 will be replaced by the Travel Class Code
5 will be replaced by the Travel Quota