How can i do SMS based Mobile Bookings ?

IRCTC Launches SMS based Mobile Bookings Railway e-ticket now on mobile IRCTC introduces for the first time a non-internet based ticketing system that will empower masses even in remote areas to use the omnipresent mobile device to make reservations. Millions of rail travellers can now use their mobile phones to book tickets in a simple, Read More

How does the Railway Automatic Telephone Enquiry System work?

You can also contact the Enquiry Counters at your nearest Computerized Reservation Centre or call 139 from your mobile, landline phone to The Interactive Voice Response System, available at major stations. Remember to always quote the 10 digit PNR Number indicated on the upper left hand corner of your ticket, to find out the current Read More

What are Quotas in Indian Railways?

Quotas in Indian Railways   S. No. Quota Description 1. GN General Quota 2. LD Ladies Quota 3. HO Head quarters/high official Quota 4. DF Defence Quota 5. PH Parliament house Quota 6. FT Foreign Tourist Quota 7. DP Duty Pass Quota 8. CK Tatkal Quota 9. SS Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone 10. HP Read More

What are the general rules for concession ?

The detailed rules, procedures, entitlement, purposes, etc for grant of concession are contained under different serial numbers in IRCA Coaching Tariff, Part I (Vol. II) which can be purchased from the General Secretary, I.R.C.A., Chelmsford Road, New Delhi. For any complaints or clarifications, the General Manager or the Chief Commercial Superintendent of the concerned Zonal Read More

What type of concession are available in Indian Railways?

CONCESSION IS ADMISSIBLE TO THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES OF PERSONS S.No CATEGORY OF PERSONS PERCENTAGE ELEMENT OF CONCESSION I Disabled passengers 1 Orthopaedically Handicapped/ Paraplegic persons alongwith an escort (cannot travel without escort) traveling for any purpose — 75% in 2nd class, SL, 1st class, 3AC, AC chair car — 50% in 1AC and 2 AC Read More

What are the rates for carrying Dogs or other pets ?

Dogs when carried in the break-van and/or A.C.C. and first class passenger compartments will be charged for at Scale ‘L'(luggage Rates)on the basis of weights indicated below, subject to a minimum charge of Rs.10/- per dog, charges being Prepaid: When carried in break_van (Dog-Box) 30 Kgs When carried in passengers compartments 60 Kgs "Seeing Eye" Read More

Can I carry my Pet along with me ?

RULES FOR CARRYING PETS,DOGS,HORSES OTHER LIVE ANIMALS AND BIRDS RISK : Under section 77-A of the Indian Railway Act, the liability of Railways as carriers of animals is limited as specified below, unless the sender elects to pay the percentage charge on value as shown in the Rule 1301: Per Head Elephants Rs.1500/- Horses Rs.750/- Read More

What if my Luggage gets Stolen or Damaged ?

LUGGAGE GETS STOLEN EN ROUTE : IN case of theft of luggage, robbery / dacoits in running trains, you can approach train conductors/coach attendant/guards or GRP escort. They will give you the FIR Forms ,which may be duly filled in and handed over to them. The complaint will then be forwarded to the Police Station Read More

What if my Luggage exceed maximum limits ?

Passenger are allowed to book and carry excess luggage beyond the free allowance with them in the compartment up to the maximum limit as per class mentioned above on payment of charge at 1.5 times of luggage rate. When a passenger is detected either en route or at the destination with un booked or partially Read More

What are the Rules of carrying Luggage in Indian Railways?

As per instructions, there is no restriction on carriage of luggage in brake van of passenger trains as far as quantity and type (personal or merchandise) of luggage offered for booking is concerned .However, the excess luggage in owner’s charge beyond the free allowance is charged at 1.5 times the rates under scale-L. Each passenger Read More

Can I upgrade my ticket to a higher class, enroute?

Your reserved ticket for a lower class can be upgraded to a higher class for the same train and date, subject to availability of accommodation. The upgrading of accommodation can be done only once on collection of fresh reservation charges and the fare difference. This can also be done during the journey by approaching the Read More

Can I change the boarding station?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is submit a written request to the Reservation Supervisor of the Original boarding station or contact any Computerised Reservation Centre, at least 24 hours before the department of the train. However, no refund is permissible for the unused portion of the journey. Such changes can be made Read More

Can I prepone or postpone my reservation?

The date of journey on Confirmed/RAC/Waitlisted tickets can be preponed or postponed in the same/higher class or for a longer distance on payment of nominal charges. This facility can be availed only once, irrespective of whether the accommodation available is reserved or RAC or wait-listed. If you want to prepone the date of your journey, Read More

What is Indrail Pass ?

This travel-as-you-please ticket has been created especially for foreign tourists and Indian nationals residing abroad. This ticket is available during specified time period from ½ day to 90 days. Indrail Passes should be used within one year of issue. Validity period starts from the date of the first train journey and ends on the midnight Read More

Are there any special facilities for foreign tourists?

Yes. Foreign tourists, who wish to experience India by train, can enjoy the special facilities earmarked for them. These are explained below in greater detail. Special Quota: Several important trains have a special quota for foreign tourists. This can be availed on payment of US Dollars or Pound Sterling. Tourists without foreign currency, will be Read More

What are the other ways to book tickets besides Railway Stations ?

Can I book my tickets on station on a Credit Card? Yes. For your convenience, Indian Railways have exclusive counters where you can reserve your tickets through credit cards. This facility is presently available only at important Computerized Reservation Centers. An additional service charge of Rs.30/- is levied when your reserve your tickets on a Read More

What is the upgradation scheme ?

The upgradation scheme and its salient features With a view to optimize the utilization of available accommodation in train, a scheme to upgrade full fare paying passengers to the next higher class against the available vacant accommodation has been introduced in all Mail/Express trains having sleeping accommodation w.e.f. 24-02-2006.

Whom can i contact for complaints or suggestions ?

Whom do I contact if I have any complaints? Indian Railways has a well-organized Public Grievance Redress Machinery that will take prompt action on any complaints you may have. You can record your grievances in the Complaints Book kept for this purpose at: Out Agencies, Town Booking Offices, Major Goods Sheds, Parcel Offices, Reservations Offices, Read More

What are the facilities available at stations ?

If I am breaking my journey or waiting for a connecting train can I keep my luggage in the Cloak Room? Yes, you can. Cloak Rooms and Safety Lockers are available at major stations where your luggage can be kept in safe custody. But do remember; only luggage that has been locked will be accepted Read More

What are the extra facilities available on trains ?

Are bedrolls given free to passengers traveling in AC Coaches? Yes, bedrolls are supplied free of cost, to all passengers traveling in AC First Class, AC 2-Tier and AC 3 –Tier. In Garibrath Trains you have to pay 25 Rs. Do catering facilities available in all the trains? Yes. Most of the important trains have Read More