Train Running Status on Mobile

There are two ways to get Train Running Status on mobile.

1. Web based

If your mobile is web-enabled then this website is designed for fast mobile browsing, then

Click Here

or Type in your web browser

or Point your QR Code reader to QR Code image below:

QR Code for Train Running Status

QR Code for Train Running Status

2. SMS Based

You can also get your Train Running Status on mobile via SMS.

Just send SMS to 139 in below format.


Where XXXXX is your 5 Digit Train Number and YYY is the STD Code of the desired Station. You will recieve the confirmation status.

Eg. AD 12561 0542

This SMS service is not free. You will be charges Rs. 3 per result.
(We are not related with this SMS service. It is run by Indian Railways)