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A big issue while catching any train of Indian Railways is that they don’t declare in advance which platform number the train will be arriving. This can only be known a few hours before arrival of the train and that too at railway station only. We tried to solve this issue by providing expected platform number of any train at any station. However please keep in mind that Platform Number are expected only and not confirmed. They can also be changed adhoc or on last minute by Indian Railways which might not be updated immediately.

How to get Platform Number
By using this website, you can get Platform Number at any Station of any Train in 3 easy steps

  • Go to the Input Box on top below ‘Platform Enquiry
  • In the Input boxes below, enter Train Number and Railway Station.
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • Here will be displayed Train’s Platform Number based on your information

If you get any error in checking Train Platform Number then please retry after gap of 3 minutes