Finding your train at the station and your coach in the train

Railway stations can be bewildering places, especially the larger ones.  Where is the train?  How do you locate the correct platform?

Help is at hand!

If you’re at a small station with only one or two platforms, it isn’t too difficult –  usually, trains heading one way use one platform, and trains heading the other way use the other.  While there are plenty of exceptions to this, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem – ask anybody waiting on the platform.  Another easy give away is if one platform is empty and the other full, especially when your train is expected.

Platform announcements are made at most stations.  Some examples:

“Train number 16732 Tuticorin Express from Mysore to Tuticorin will arrive shortly on platform number 6”

“Train number 12028 Shatabdi Express bound for Chennai is ready for departure on platform number 7”

These announcements are made in three languages; English, Hindi and the local language.

Bigger stations can be complicated, especially when they’re crowded – i.e. most of the time.  However, if you’re entering through the main entrances, you will probably find large screens telling you which train leaves from which platform.

It is a good idea to note down the number of your train to avoid any confusion.

If there are no boards or if the boards aren’t working, you can try asking at the information booth, if there is one.  If not, your best bet will be to ask a porter – men who carry your luggage to your coach for a small fee – which platform your train is due.  They know the layout of the station like the back of their hand and are very clued in to train operations.  Porters are easily distinguishable by their red can choose the both option for platform Enquiry.

For that, is your best friend. and enter your train’s name or number and Station Name or Code.

and click on submit button.