How to check your PNR Status

The railway network in India today is connecting millions of lives to each other, and spreads far into the interiors of the nations as well. Now even the mountain terrain is being penetrated to make it easy for the people to travel all over the country.

The Indian railway is one of the fastest growing railway networks in the world. The Indian railway is one of the fastest growing railway networks in the world.

Mostly people book their ticket in advance due to heavy rush and overbooking. Thus there are huge numbers of passengers who get waiting ticket.

You can easily check your PNR status on to check whether your reservation is confirmed or not. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record that has been stored in the CRS know as Computer Reservation System database. This database automatically gets updated timely. PNR number consists of ten numeric values. Every single passenger gets unique PNR number.

The Indian Railways PNR Status check has been widely used by the people to obtain information about the current status of their Ticket confirmation and seat allocation.

People now also have the facility of PNR Status check on the this website, thus facilitating the entire process even more, as they do not have to encounter call wait etc on telephone , or the slow and lethargic website of Indian Railways.

It means you can easily check your reservation tickets status through

You can check your PNR status conveniently from ease of your home or office through internet via computer / laptop. Now in times of being mobile you can also use this website to check PNR Status from your mobile or tablet. service is being used by most of the passengers to make their travel more pleasant.