Kolkata Metro Train Runs Full Stretch With Door Open

A packed metro train covered the entire north to south stretch of Kolkata with one of its doors open during rush hours on Wednesday with three railway staffers guarding it.

The incident occurred at 10.24 am when the metro train from Dum Dum metro station in north Kolkata to Kavi Subhash in the southern suburbs of the city crossed 22 stations with a door in one of its coaches open.

“There was a technical glitch in one of the doors of a coach. It was ensured that the door was guarded by an RPF constable, a loco inspector and another official. The train successfully completed its run.

“We could have immediately sent the metro rake to a car shed but doing so would have hampered the services during the peak office hours. So, we ran the train and ensured safety of the passengers. The door has been fixed now,” the spokesperson said.

Several incidents of technical problems have been reported in Kolkata Metro in past few months.

A man was killed in July when he was dragged by a metro train after his hand got stuck in one of its doors.