Microsoft’s Kaizala App to Connect Indian Railways Employees to Healthcare Facilities

Microsoft said on Thursday it will deploy its Kaizala productivity app to connect three crore employees of Indian Railways across the country with quality healthcare facilities.

The serving and retired employees will be able to avail healthcare services at 125 railway and 133 private recognised hospitals. The Kaizala group managed by doctors from South Central Railways will be complemented with focused groups of doctors, paramedical staff and nurses.

Employees can book doctor appointments, share diagnostic lab reports directly with their doctors and save digital records in ‘Me Chat.’ They will also be able to access key announcements, share their feedback to improve the quality of medical service with built-in action cards.

Kaizala already enables Indian Railways to enable direct communication with their employees including achievement bulletins, educative bulletins and informative bulletins to spread awareness around cardiopulmonary resuscitation, general first aid, immunisation, and vaccination.

Doctors on this group can view the medical history of an employee, pull out case sheets and aid in taking timely decisions, Microsoft said in a statement.