Railway Junior Engineer (RRB JE) Recruitment: Candidates Complain Of Irregularity, Request RRBs To Revise Result

RRBs are gearing up for the 2nd Computer Based Test (CBT), discontent among candidates who were not selected for the 2nd CBT is rising. After the result for RRB JE 1st CBT was released, several candidates who were not shortlisted for the 2nd CBT complained about the unfair criteria for selection.

One of the points of contention for candidates is that the recruitment notification said that 1st CBT was only qualifying in nature then why did the RRBs set a cut off for shortlisting.

Several candidates have shared their grievance on Twitter and with NDTV on mail.

The main questions raised by candidates include, why individual cut off for different posts, and how can RRBs test a candidate’s suitability for a technical post without testing any technical knowledge in the 1st CBT.