Seat Availability check for Indian Railways Trains

Search for available seats in an Indian Railways train here. Click this link to find out the trains that are running between any 2 stations: It lists down the names of trains that are traveling between any two stations at any given point in time.

Getting a good seat in an IRCTC train can be difficult. Many people have made poor choices of seats before. A good seat guarantees you comfort throughout the journey. Remember that that a journey by train can be very long. The last thing you want is getting stuck in an undesirable seat. Once you choose a seat, you cannot easily replace it.

The most important advice to keep in mind when booking a train ticket is: Start confirming your ticket when it is 30 minutes to train departure.

Many passengers book more than one tickets to increase their chances of getting on board. One ticket can be confirmed while the rest of the tickets are still on the waiting list. When this happens as the departure approaches, these passengers normally cancel the tickets that are still on the waiting list. They then use those that have been confirmed. Because all the tickets are booked by same person, the cancelled ones are normally high on the waiting list

When these passengers cancel their tickets, they open up room for other passengers to take higher spaces on the booking list. Taking a higher position means that the chances of your ticket to be confirmed is higher. If you despair and leave the train station before the train departs, you might lose a last minute chance of having your ticket confirmed.