Sparks In Third Rail Disrupt Kolkata Metro Services

Metro Railway services were disrupted for more than an hour today this morning after sparks were seen flying from the third rail near Dumdum station, an official said.

According to Kolkata Metro spokesperson Indrani Banerjee, the sparks were noticed at 8.25 am when a down train from Noapara was approaching the Dumdum station.

“Power supply to the third rail was immediately stopped and passengers were evacuated from the train. They were then escorted to the platform at Dumdum by the Metro railway officials,” she said.

Hundreds of inconvenienced passengers were seen waiting outside Metro stations during the rush hour, frantically trying to hop on a public transport to reach their destination.

“Truncated services were maintained between Girish Park and Kavi Subhash stations during the disruption,” Ms Banerjee stated, adding that normal operations resumed at 9.49am after necessary measures were taken by the Metro engineers.