What is Indrail Pass ?

This travel-as-you-please ticket has been created especially for foreign tourists and Indian nationals residing abroad. This ticket is available during specified time period from ½ day to 90 days. Indrail Passes should be used
within one year of issue. Validity period starts from the date of the first train journey and ends on the midnight of the last journey. During the period of validity, foreign tourists can travel from anywhere on the Indian Railways
network without route or train restrictions and without payment of any additional charges.


What is the cost of the Indrail Pass?

The cost of the Indrail Pass varies with the class of travel and the validity period. For your convenience, these details are given below:

Where are Indrail Passes available?

In India, Indrail Passes are available for sale in Railway Reservation Offices at: Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Howrah, Chennai, Gorakhpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Secunderabad, Thiruvunanthapuram
Central, Vadodara, Varanasi and Vasco-da- Gama. Certain recognized Travel Agents are also authorized to sell these passes in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Indrail Passes are also sold through General Sales Agents in Bahrain,
Bangladesh, Finland, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UAE and the UK.