what is tatkal booking help

Tatkal, literally means ‘Immediate’. Tatkal booking facility is the savior for millions of travelers. The comfortable last minute travel is made possible with Tatkal system.

Tatkal ticket booking time starts a day in advance. For instance, if you want to travel tomorrow, you can book the tickets today. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd constantly update the system of tatkal booking to ease the process of booking tickets online. Tatkal ticket booking opened at 10 am every day.

Indian Railway has decided to divide the tatkal into two slots  in order to reduce the load on the website during the tatkal hour that is 10AM. However, IRCTC website portal has been improved a lot of loading and response time now by implementing the IRCTC Lite Verison concept (explained below) but still the website gets down at 10 AM sometimes.

After this separation of slot1 and slot2, Railway is making sure that the UP-Time for the website will be 100%.

Booking an e-ticket using tatkal scheme during the rush hour is like rushing in an ambulance during peak traffic. Due to heavy traffic and a huge load on servers during the tatkal hours, between 10 am to 12 pm, users find it too hard to book their tickets. In order to eliminate the problems faced by the users, IRCTC modified their tatkal ticket booking time system in 2016.

Earlier in 2012-2013, the tatkal ticket booking time was scheduled at 8 am every day, which was then altered to 10 am. Updating the system of tatkal booking is a continuous process in order to meet the demands from the public.