Why Train Running Status on Mobile

Want to know about live running status of your train? Using our smart, robust, intuitive and user friendly tool, it is simple to track train, check train status, its arrival time, departure time, intermediate stoppages, time needed to travel and more without any inconvenience. So, are you ready to check the status of your train now? Within clicks, you will get all the details related to that train status.

This is certain that Indian Railways is been managing one of the biggest networks efficiently that has been spread all across the nation and is known to be reckoned at a large scale worldwide. With the emergence of technology, it has been consistently putting endeavours to make their services not only simple and at ease for people but also accessible and approachable by all means. Even, if you want to track train at any station nowadays, it could also be done simply and without any hassle in minutes. And for the same, there is absolutely no need to go to the railway counters and enquire about train and its running status. Meant to be saving your valuable time and effort, you can track train using ‘Spot your train’ utility of  pnrstatuslive.com and be updated about the running status of any train instantly within few clicks. Along with live running and tracking status of train, you will also come to know about its other details like arrival time, departure time, overall distance to be travelled and covered, and more in a seamless way.

Been associated with Indian Railways, pnrstatuslive.com is been primarily engaged into providing high quality, fresh and hot food delivery in trains and with time, it broadened its area of offerings related to providing updated and reliable information about trains covering Indian Railways time table, seat availability, PNR status, track train, etc. To track train, it introduced ‘Spot your Train’ utility that actually simplified diverse needs and prerequisites of people from all over and assist them to know the live status of trains at any point and at any junction and make sure whether the train’s arrival is on time or a bit delayed, ultimately enhancing their experience. Don’t you think, it is such an excellent app? Thinking about its functionality and working? Simply follow the steps mentioned in below and you will get the status.

In addition, the leading e-catering service provider has gone an extra mile by building its mobile site that assists passengers to track live status of any train in almost real time scenarios. You just require to feed train related numbers and the mobile app is attainable for both Windows as well as Android based platforms. People are not restricted to only spotting a train but also get updated about other details including train schedule, diverted stations, live station, rescheduled trains, trains in between stations and cancelled trains. Being the only biggest network managed by Indian Railways, it happens that often trains run a little late or sometimes they are bang on time. So, irrespective of what could be train timings will be, it is always helpful and beneficial to know the exact schedule of the train and its running status.