Worried About Your Train Reservation Status? Here Is How You Can Check PNR Status

Indian Railways allows its passengers to book wait-listed (WL) or reservation-against-cancellation (RAC) ticket apart from buying confirmed tickets for travelling on its trains. The PNR status of the ticket can be checked online on mobile applications and websites. The advance booking for train ticket opens 120 days before the date of journey, according to IRCTC’s official website – irctc.co.in. Passengers booking a ticket are assigned a passenger name record (PNR) number and a specific status while booking the tickets which can be confirmed later depending on the rush for that journey. If the passenger PNR status is marked as WL followed by a number, it means the passenger has a waitlisted status. (Also Read:Want To Book Indian Railways Tatkal Ticket? Find Out Timings, Charges Here)

PNR Status: Here is how you can check railways reservation status online:

Travellers who have booked a wait-listed or an RAC ticket can check their train PNR status by going online on indianrail.gov.in or clicking on NDTV Rail Beeps website application.

After logging on the page the user will be asked to put in their 10-digit PNR number which is mentioned on the top left side of the train ticket. Once the person mentions his or her PNR status he/she is required to click on the ‘check status’ link. Upon clicking that link reservation status will be displayed on the website.

Travellers can also check their reservation status by dialing 139 from their phones. Indian Railways also provides facility to check PNR status via SMS as well. In case of checking PNR status from SMS, travellers need to send an SMS to 139 mentioning their PNR number, Indian Railways said.

On a PNR which has all the passengers on waiting list at the time of charting, the name of such waitlisted passengers will not appear in the charts and such passengers, if found travelling, will be treated as unauthorized and charged accordingly, IRCTC noted on its website.