Bangalore photo exhibition depicts the ‘journey’ of Indian Railways

Bangalore, June 27 (ANI): On the occasion of completing 160 glorious years of the Indian Railways, South-Western Railway organized a weeklong photo exhibition here showcasing rare moments of the railway journey and putting it on display.

Railways has progressed immensely reaching to every doorstep in the last 160 years. We have portrayed the journey of the railways by displaying rare photographs from all these years,” said Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM) Sandeep Mehra.

The photographs were put on display after a careful selection and consideration from the archives of Indian railways so that the railway fans can have close look at it.

More than 100 rare photographs were displayed in the exhibition, reviving the nostalgia of passengers with ancient trains, engines and political dignitaries like Mahatma Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi making their journeys. The photographs were divided into different varieties and according to the era.

Visitors taking a look at the Indian railways journey praised the immense progress made by the railways.

“Railway’s initiative had been very good. Earlier, there were only carts and most people had to travel by foot. The invention of railways made life easy. A huge difference has come in the railway of ancient times and now. The initiative of railways had been very good,” said Anita Rao, a visitor.

This exposition would be held all over India, educating people about the importance of the Indian railways.

The photographs, which encompassed all the fundamental aspects of the railways, spoke of a long gone era and the enhancement achieved during the present. (ANI)