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How much Should i pay Extra for Booking ?

How much extra should I pay for my e-ticket?

IRCTC levies a service charge of Rs.10/- per e-ticket in case of sleeper class(SL) and Second sitting(2S) and Rs.20/-per e-ticket in case of all other classes(1AC,2AC,3AC,CC,3E,FC) irrespective of the number of passengers booked on an e-ticket.

How much extra should I pay for my I-ticket?

IRCTC charges a service charge of Rs.40/- per ticket in case of Second Class and Sleeper Class tickets and Rs.60/- per ticket in case of tickets of other classes.(These charges are not per passenger) Apart from this service charge of IRCTC, transaction charges as notified will be levied by the banks for each transaction.