What are the Reservation and Supplementary Charges ?

The reservation fee and supplementary charge on superfast train are as under :

AC IstRs. 60Rs. 75
AC 2 TierRs. 50Rs. 45
Ist (Mail/Express)Rs. 50Rs. 45
Ist (Ordinary)Rs. 50
AC – 3 TierRs. 40Rs. 45
AC Chair CarRs. 40Rs. 45
Sleeper (Mail/Express)Rs. 20Rs. 30
Second Sitting (Mail/Express)Rs. 15Rs. 15
Sleeper (Ordinary)Rs. 20
Second Sitting (Ordinary)Rs. 15
  1. Military Officers traveling on free warrants, officers and staff of the Railway and P & T department traveling on Railway passes and MPs traveling on Identity Card are exempted from payment of reservation fee.
  2. The supplementary charge is not recoverable from MPs traveling on Identity Card, tourist holding Indrail passes, Railway Staff traveling on duty passes, privilege passes and PTOs.
  3. A passenger found traveling in a Super Fast Train without paying supplementary charge is liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 50/- in addition to the supplementary charge. However, passenger holding through ticket duly fulfilling distance restriction and boarding a superfast train at an intermediate station as per the ticket, is required to pay only the supplementary charge.