What are the extra facilities available on trains ?

Are bedrolls given free to passengers traveling in AC Coaches?

Yes, bedrolls are supplied free of cost, to all passengers traveling in AC First Class, AC 2-Tier and AC 3 –Tier. In Garibrath Trains you have to pay 25 Rs.

Do catering facilities available in all the trains?

Yes. Most of the important trains have pantry car facilities. The details of trains which offer pantry car service are indicated in the timetables by “P”. Catering is also arranged in trains where this facility is not available.

How do I avail of the catering facilities on board?

You could contact the train conductors/coach attendants or other authorized catering staff

What about catering facilities at stations?

Most important stations have vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and light refreshment stalls. The detailed menu and tariff are displayed in the refreshment rooms.

Is medical assistance available on trains?

Guards/Train Superintendents or Pantry Car Managers are equipped with First Aid Boxes. They are also trained to provide first aid to passengers. In case of emergencies, you can approach the Traveling Ticket Examiner/Train
Superintendent, who will pass on a message to the next station where a doctor will attend to the emergency. Medical treatment will be provided by the doctor on payment of reasonable charges. In case hospitalization is required, the
passenger may have to discontinue his journey. Details of medical practitioners and hospitals along with their addresses are displayed at major stations. On alighting from the train, passengers in need of medical assistance may contact them.