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Why TDR Rules

TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) can be submitted to claim refund if customer was not able to perform the journey due to any /or the following reason. Train cancelled by Railways Train running late by more than three hours Difference of Fare in case proper coach not attached AC Failure Travelled without proper ID proof Wrongly Read More

Why use Railway News

Railway News is information about current information of Railway. Railway News  based on Running Status of Train, Prediction for your PNR Number, PNR STATUS, Seat Availability, Ticket booking, Railway Timetable. Common topics of  Railway News include Fare free trains, Live Train Status ,Railway Ticket Reservation:, How to Book Rail Tickets and many type of events Read More

What is Indian Railway Info

An under-appreciated travel scene in the early days, train travel has now developed into the most economic way of travel. Apart from being attractive to budget conscious travellers, travelling by train is a vacation in itself, especially, in a country like India. The trains in India have an old, rustic charm about themselves. They might Read More

what is faq

FAQ is an acronym for “Frequently Asked Questions”. Generally, it is a collection of most commonly asked questions to customer support staff by website visitors and customers. When your customers have questions or issues, they demand immediate, accurate answers. To keep the customers happy, you need to deliver this information quickly, accurately, and consistently. So, Read More

How to Get the status of Train between station

Looking for information on Indian Railways and railway timings? Find details about Indian railway, train timings, state-wise list of railway stations in India, trains operating between stations, train numbers and train names etc… You can also search and find the Indian railway timetable and train timings as per IRCTC schedule. Also get information on IRCTC, Read More

Seat Availability check for Indian Railways Trains

Search for available seats in an Indian Railways train here. Click this link to find out the trains that are running between any 2 stations: It lists down the names of trains that are traveling between any two stations at any given point in time. Getting a good seat in an IRCTC train can Read More

Why we have need train fare information

Are you looking for Indian Railways Seat Availability information for trains between any two Indian Railway stations? Well, here is a detailed guide to find out seat availability and train fare information for journey between any two stations by any train on any chosen journey date. If you are going to book a train ticket Read More

How to get our Coach Position

Train coach position can only be checked when reservation chart is already prepared by Indian Railway. You can easily check coach position of running trains.Indian Railway coach positions are decided while preaparing final reservation chart for trains. These reservation charts are prepared two or three hour before the actual departure time of train from source Read More

Why to look for Indian Railways time table?

Wondering, what is the reason behind looking for Indian Railways time table? In India, the best way to travel from one city/state to other is via trains. Indian Railways has such a large network spread all across the world and is known to be very efficient and promising means of transport. One cannot really imagine Read More

How to check the Running Status of Train

It is very common in India to check the current running status of your train before leaving your home by which you are going to travel and enjoy your holidays. Sometime due to some weather or some more reasons, your train may be late for long hours. If you want to make your journey memorable and Read More

How to get Prediction for your PNR Number

Railway Information System (CRIS) also keep the information about PNR Prediction status of the passengers, berth availibility, Train arrival time, departure time, Train running status and stations left till the desitation point. With the help of CRIS now passengers can get all information Railway rules like, Reservation Rules, Fares and Fare Refund Rule, Enquiry about Read More

What is PNR Status & how to check it

PNR stands for ‘Passenger Name Record’. It is the unique < 10 Digit > number linked to each railway booking / train ticket done either online or offline. This applies to either individual or a group booking. A single PNR number can be generated for a maximum of six passengers. You will find it on Read More

How to find Seat Availability

Train Seat Availability When it comes to comfort while traveling, you should opt for the seats in a class that you feel is comfortable enough for you to travel with ease. The availability of the seats differs from class to class and depends on the quota you select for booking your tickets. Checking the seats’ Read More

Ticket booking through cells soon – Times of India

PATNA: Railway is drafting guidelines to launch its ambitious project to book tickets through cellphones from July 1. According to a Railway Board official, though online ticket booking is already available to the people across the country, the cellphone ticket booking scheme is the first of its kind in railways. According to sources, the Railway Board has approved the Read More