What is confirmed Reservation ?

Passengers with confirmed reservation will be allotted berths at the time of booking and the coach and berth numbers are indicated on the ticket itself, except in case of first class ACC and first class coaches. The compartment/cabin/coupe numbers for first ACC and first class are allotted at the time of chart preparation.

What are the Reservation and Supplementary Charges ?

The reservation fee and supplementary charge on superfast train are as under : CLASS RESERVATION FEE SUPPLEMENTARY CHARGES FOR SUPERFAST TRAINS AC Ist Rs. 60 Rs. 75 AC 2 Tier Rs. 50 Rs. 45 Ist (Mail/Express) Rs. 50 Rs. 45 Ist (Ordinary) Rs. 50 — AC – 3 Tier Rs. 40 Rs. 45 AC Chair Read More

Can i sell or transfer my ticket ?

NO. TRANSFER/RESALE OF TICKETS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED Under Section 142 of the Railways ACT, journey tickets including any half of a return ticket and season ticket are not transferable. If any person not being a Railway Servant or an agent authorised in this behalf : a.sells or attempts to sell any ticket or any half Read More

How is Allotment of accommodation done ?

Allotment of accommodation is done by the computer as per pre-defined logic. Efforts are made to provide compact accommodation to persons booked under the same PNR on first come first served basis. The Railway Administration will endeavor to provide reserved accommodation but does not guarantee the same and will admit no claim for compensation for Read More

What are valid Proof of Identity required during the Journey ?

W.E.F. 01-12-2012,any one of the passenger booked on a PNR for undertaking journey in any class will have to produce any one of the 10 prescribed proofs of identity in original) during the journey failing which all the passengers booked on that ticket will be treated as traveling without ticket and charged accordingly. 1.Voter Photo Read More

Indian Railways General Conditions

The Railway Administration reserves seats, berths, compartments, or carriage in accordance with the rules and conditions published in the Coaching Tariff. A passenger seeking reservation of berth or seats should purchase tickets from the Railway Reservation Offices/Authorised Travel Agency only. Advance reservations are made generally up to 60 days in advance for all classes and Read More

What are concession for senior citizens ?

From 1st September 2001 onwards, concession to senior citizens through PRS (Passenger Reservation System) shall be granted only on demand and not by default as at present. The demand for concession shall be made on Reservation Requisition form in the case of reserved tickets. In the case of tickets issued to senior citizens on concession, Read More

Changes from 01 May 2013

Advance Reservation Period has been reduced to 60 Days w.e.f. 01 May 2013 Tatkal ticket booking will start at 10:00 hrs instead of 08:00 hrs w.e.f.10.07.2012 Now Passenger of all class (including SL class) have to carry Photo ID proof on all type of tickets. Some of permissible Photo ID proofs are: Voter ID Card, Read More

New Facilities In E-Ticket

AMENDMENT IN E-TICKET SCHEME : The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the passenger booked on an e-ticket in a transaction presents any of the identity cards (Voter identity card/Passport/ Pan card/Driving license/Photo I/d card of Central/State Government/Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/College for their students/Nationalised Read More

How PNR is generated?

Whenever a passenger books an itinerary, the travel agent creates a PNR in the Computer Reservation System used by the airline or railway company through company’s website.At this stage of booking, the CRS will generate an alpha-numeric record locator that remains the same irrespective of any further changes. This record locator is used for identifying Read More

Do you store mobile number or PNR number ?

Do you store the mobile number or PNR number that are entered here? No. We do not save the mobile number or PNR number or any information that you enter here. Any information that you put on this website like PNR numbers are saved only as cookies on your system only. We do not repeat Read More

What does different status codes mean?

Here is a list of various codes and its meanings. Symbol Description CAN/MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger CNF / Confirmed Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation) RAC Reservation Against Cancellation WL # Waiting List Number RLWL Remote Location Wait List GNWL General Wait List PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List REGRET/WL No More Read More

Where to find my PNR?

On a paper ticket issued in a railway booking counter or IRCTC i-ticket, the PNR number is on the top left of the ticket. The number is usually split into 3-7 (e.g. 432-1234567). On an IRCTC e-ticket, this comes as a message alert to your mobile and is also found in the top left box Read More

What is “chart not prepared” status?

The final reservation chart for a train is prepared typically couple of hours before its departure. In case of early morning or late night trains, this may be prepared much earlier during the previous night itself. The significance of this status to a reservation status is because of the fact that your reservation status could Read More

How to check your PNR Status

The railway network in India today is connecting millions of lives to each other, and spreads far into the interiors of the nations as well. Now even the mountain terrain is being penetrated to make it easy for the people to travel all over the country. The Indian railway is one of the fastest growing Read More